My booklet collection

AntOS - the Modern web desktop

AntOS is a front-end API that mimics the traditional desktop environment on the web browser. The front-end can connect to a remote server and acts as a virtual desktop environment (VDE). The original purpose of AntOS is to provide visual tools to access and control resource on remote server and embedded linux environment. With its application API and the provided SDK, AntOS facilitates the development and deployment of user specific applications.

Read more on the AntOS documentation here

Jarvis - the DIY mobile robot

Jarvis is the upgraded version of my first DIY mobile robot, Dolly. My goal in this DIY project is to make a low-cost yet feature-rich ROS (Robot Operating System) based mobile robot that allow me to experiment my hobby work on autonomous robot. To that end, Jarvis is designed with all the basic features needed. To keep the bill of material as low as possible, i tried to recycle all of my spare hardware parts.

This booklet will walk you through all the basic building steps of the robot. both on hardware and software (ROS).

Read more on the booklet here

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