AntOS v1.0.0-a

This version 1.0.0a removes the dependencies on Riot.js by reimplementing the major API for GUI and Announcement system. The entire core API is also rewritten in TypeScript

AntOS is a front-end API that mimics the traditional desktop environment on the web browser. The front-end can connect to a remote server and acts as a virtual desktop environment (VDE). The original purpose of AntOS is to provide visual tools to access and control resource on remote server and embedded linux environment. With its application API and the provided SDK, AntOS facilitates the development and deployment of user specific applications.

This repository contains only the front-end API. To have fully functional VDE, AntOS need to connect to the corresponding server side API.


A demo of the VDE is available at my page using username: demo and password: demo.

If one wants to run AntOS VDE locally in their system, a docker image (~24Mb) is available at:

API Documentation

AntOS applications


Copyright 2017-2020 Xuan Sang LE <xsang.le AT gmail DOT com>

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