Build the front-end API

AntOS front-end API is developed from the ground, it does not use any existing frameworks, the only runtime dependency is JQuery.

The core AntOS front-end API is developed using Typescript, therefore, the following compile-time dependencies should be installed:

  • Typescript compiler
  • JEST (optional for Unit Test)
  • teaser for code minifying
  • uglifycss for CSS minifying
  • @types/jquery
  • typedoc to generate the API documentation from source code (optional)

Unlike traditional node-js based project, AntOS using Make as its build system. The choice relies only on the author preference. Thus, It requires that make is installed on the system. To build the project:

git clone
cd antos
# install all compile-time dependencies
# globally
npm install terser -g
npm install uglifycss -g
npm install typescript -g
# this is optional, for unit tests
npm install jest @types/jest ts-jest -g

npm install @types/jquery
# this is optional for documentation generation
npm install typedoc

# configure build destination
export BUILDDIR = /path/to/build/location

# optional
# configure API documentation destination
export DOCDIR = /path/to/api/doc

# to generate prettified javascript API (usually for debugging)

# to generate minified javascript API (usually for final release)
make release

# to generate the API documentation
make doc

# to perform unit tests
make test

Upon performing the make or make release command, the output of the build will be something similar to the following structure:

|----- index.html
|----- packages
|   |----- CodePad
|   |   |----- ...
|   |----- Files
|   |   |----- ...
|   |----- MarketPlace
|   |   |----- ...
|   |----- ...
|   |----- Syslog
|       |-----...
|----- resources
|   |----- languages
|   |   |----- en_GB.json
|   |   |----- fr_FR.json
|   |   |----- vi_VN.json
|   |----- themes
|       |----- antos_dark
|       |   |----- antos_dark.css
|       |----- antos_light
|       |   |----- antos_light.css
|       |----- system
|           |-----...
|----- scripts
    |----- antos.js
    |----- jquery-3.2.1.min.js
    |----- ...

20 directories, 479 files


  • The core API and its dependencies (as well as some external libraries) are store in scripts.
  • The entry point of the system is index.html.
  • Localization data is defined in resources/languages, see more in the localization section
  • System themes defined in resources/themes, see more in the theming section
  • Default system applications are stored in packages, see more in the application section

The builds output a complete working front-end system ready to be deployed. The next section will discuss on some conventions that should be made by any back-end API design to connect to AntOS front-end API.


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